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MIDOCO connects Atriis.gtp

Midoco to be first third-party mid-office software automating downstream processes of Atriis bookings

Travel technology specialist Midoco announces Atriis.gtp connectivity of their market leading mid-office software. Midoco provides an end to end solution for process automation and workflow optimization in the travel industry. By launching the Atriis interface to Midoco travel agents now can manage the entire downstream workflow of Atriis bookings more efficiently.

Atriis.gtp provides full content stream to Midoco, having interfaces to GDS and NDC content of various airlines. The connectivity of Midoco mid-office to Atriis.gtp will make an Atriis booking even more attractive as from now on Midoco Midoffice can automate the downstream processes of any Atriis booking. This includes issuing a ticket, sending an invoice as well as pushing the data into back-office systems. Automating mid-office procedures is crucial for the ability scale up a business’s profitably, which to date is standard for any GDS booking in many travel companies.

Steffen Faradi, Managing Director Midoco GmbH says, “Atriis has become an attractive booking channel which is requested by many of our clients. Limited automation remains to be the bottle neck for scalability so far. Atriis and Midoco combined create a unique offer giving access to full content whilst providing complete downstream automation. This is of great value for both company’s clients. The partnership between Midoco and Atriis will accelerate the growth of both parties user-bases throughout Europe.”

Alon Meisels CEO and Founder of Atriis comments: “We are happy to have found a likeminded partner with Midoco, who have a proven track record in process automation. Both parties and foremost Atriis and Midoco clients will profit from this integration. Midoco is a great solution to complete the workflow of booking via Atriis.gtp saving valuable resources and at the same time accelerating growth.”

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