Corona Support III - Digitalisation with MIDOCO Group Software

David Chappell
Aug 23, 2021 11:13:25 AM

Corona remains the source of topics. This time we would like to point out an opportunity. The Bridging Aid III may give you the opportunity to receive state support for optimising your digital processes.

Our software digitises your daily work. This means that costs from projects with MIDOCO and Umbrella or ongoing costs from existing contracts may be eligible for Bridging Assistance III.

Who is eligible?
Companies that can show at least a 30% drop in turnover in one month compared to the 2019 reference month.

How much will be reimbursed?
Up to €1.5 million per month. The amount of the subsidy is based on the size of the decline.

What is reimbursed?
Eligible fixed costs are set out in a fixed cost catalogue. 

These include:
Leases, property taxes, insurances, subscriptions and other fixed expenses as well as rental costs for vehicles and machinery, interest expenses, depreciation on assets up to an amount of 50 per cent, the financing cost portion of leasing instalments, expenses for electricity, water, heating, etc.... Personnel expenses that are not covered by short-time allowances are subsidised at a flat rate of 20 percent of fixed costs. Finally, structural measures for the implementation of hygiene concepts can be funded, as well as marketing and advertising costs.

Another new feature is that one-off digital investments can be funded with up to 20,000 €. Costs incurred outside the funding period can also be taken into account.

What does this have to do with MIDOCO Midoffice, Umbrella Faces or Umbrella.net?

With all our products, you digitise processes:

You automate data exchange and processing
You can better organise your work processes with task management
You can not only improve your compliance with regard to the DSGVO with the document management system (MIDOCO AddOn m.Doc), but also significantly digitalise this area of your daily work
With the MIDOCO AddOns, you digitise payment processes, reporting, address validation and the signing of documents
By linking to different booking systems, you can digitalise all related processes and, above all, benefit from other digital developments in the travel industry
You can simplify your accounting processes
With Umbrella Faces you digitise the entry of profile information in different booking systems

These are just some of the areas that can be digitised with MIDOCO Group's software products.

Get in touch with us - whether you are already working with us or are planning innovations. We will advise you on how our products can digitalise your processes and where we see potential for Bridging Assistance III.

You can find more detailed information on Bridging Assistance III here or ask your tax advisor. We would like to point out that the companies of the MIDOCO Group do not provide advice on applying for Bridging Assistance III.

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