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Business Travel Rockstar Interview - Tony Edge

Business Travel Rockstar Interview - Tony Edge

Quotes-Tony-EdgeTony Edge Business Solutions Manager at the Focus Travel Partnership

How did you start your career and how did you get into Travel?

I spent the early part of my career hopping around different jobs in different industries, the highlight being working on the music counter in Woolworths. I got into Business travel by accident really, I needed a job, and they needed staff. I was hooked from day one.

Is there anything that fascinates you about this industry?

What fascinates me the most in the industry is people’s passion, they live and breathe their roles I’ve never known an industry where so many people love what they do!

Who inspired you?

My children inspire me the most, I’m essentially working for them and their future.

What was your most memorable experience during your career?

My most memorable experience so far was joining the Focus Travel Partnership, I was part of a global TMC for 13 years prior and it came with a lot of unknowns and frankly some risk. Luckily, I haven’t looked back since.

In your view, what is the greatest achievement in travel technology since the millennium shift?

I’m honestly grateful I missed the days of paper tickets! But I think looking forward, we are about to see the full benefits of AI. It’s an exciting time for travel tech as it will be a game changer in our offerings.

Your favourite piece of technology created for the travel industry ever? (Except Midoco/Umbrella of course)

I’m a big fan of anything that saves time and takes away manual actions

What would you recommend travel newbies to do in terms of technology?

I’d recommend newbies to map out the whole process first, what does the end product look like and what products need to be in place to help them achieve it.

At present, what are the hottest and most relevant challenges in the industry?

I think there are two main challenges in industry at the minute, firstly is the labor shortage. We have seen the industry recover from Covid strongly but we no longer have the work force to match the demand. The second, sustainability! Sustainability and travel absolutely go hand in hand and I believe there is a focus on our industry to do better.

Quick-fire questions

Ocean or mountains? Mountains
Train or plane? Train (I’m scared of flying)
Tea or coffee? Coffee in the morning, Tea in the evening, hopefully with biscuits
Dog or cat? Dogs, I don’t trust cats!
Beach or adventure? Both
Remote, office or hybrid? Hybrid
Favourite movie? Goodfellas or The Warriors
Favourite song? Talk Tonight - Oasis
Favourite destination? Toronto
Being a travel rockstar yourself which Rockstar would you like to meet?
Liam Gallagher
Have you ever met a rockstar? Not really, I have seen Ian Brown from The Stone Roses in a supermarket once
What’s next on your bucket list? Travel to Australia, I have friends there but with a fear of flying and a very low tolerance of the sun it seems like the worst place for me to go.


Who's the next Business Travel Rockstar we should interview?

I nominate Daniel Price CEO of the award winning mobility service Jyrney.

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