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Interview with Frederic de Pardieu, CEO of mTrip

Dear Reader, what do you think of the idea that travellers can maintain their profile information directly in their travel app? It’s actually a very popular idea and unsurprisingly so, as it makes perfect sense.

Umbrella’s data integration with the Canadian travel assistant app mTrip is amazingly convenient, both for travellers and for TMCs.

Here’s our interview with mTrip’s founder and CEO, Frederic de Pardieu:



Frederic, can you explain mTrip in 3 sentences?

  • mTrip is a complete mobile travel solution that significantly increases traveller engagement and loyalty.
  • We are integrating relevant providers and travel agency platforms into the app, such as OBTs and expense tools.
  • Our focus is on user experience, personalization and flexibility, allowing us to create a unique app for travellers, TMCs and corporate clients.

Would you say that a key motivator for a travel agency to use mTrip are the options to personalize the app experience?
Definitely! With the ability to integrate any provider, we achieve a high level of user engagement and cover the traveller’s entire journey. The app helps agencies reduce off-program booking as well as increase revenues and yield.

Upselling options range from airport transfers and travel insurance to visa applications and tours and activities. The integration of an OBT like Concur or Traveldoo will not only provide the traveller with a useful tool but will keep them within the company’s travel program.

Who are your customers?
Among our TMC customers are Omega World Travel, Fox World Travel, Atlas Travel, Alatur/JTB and Selectour. We also have several high-profile online travel agencies, tour operators and incoming agencies. 

Earlier this year, the news broke that mTrip had been acquired by the hyper-successful French OTA-startup MisterFly. Have you sold all your shares?
Yes, MisterFly now owns 100%. However, mTrip will continue to operate as an independent company with its own clients in the business travel and leisure fields.

Although MisterFly is a fairly new company (founded in 2015), its leaders started it with a lot of know-how. They managed to generate a turnover of € 100 million in the first year and € 250 million in the second. To date, MisterFly employs over 300 people in Paris, Barcelona, Milan and Brussels.

Are mTrip’s headquarters still in Montreal?
Yes, and this is quite important for our customers in North America. Even so, Europe has become equally important for us now, with a lot of new business coming from here.

When did you start mTrip?
I started the app in 2009 as a pure B2C application. In 2012, Travel Leaders started to roll it out to their agencies, which was a massive boost for our company. We have focused on B2B (leisure and business travel) ever since and are still very happy with this decision.

What is your most remarkable personal travel experience?
I backpacked around the world, for one full year. This was 15 years ago, and as you might guess, it inspired the idea to start mTrip.

It was a very intense, but very rewarding experience. Of all the countries I visited, Syria, Iran and Myanmar became my fast favourites.

Thank you, Frederic!

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