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Umbrella's Profiles On Demand

With the Profiles On Demand API, Umbrella solves a complex problem. Customers can access their profile data at any time. But they don’t need to develop and maintain their own database with traveller information. Plus, storing the data in Umbrella fulfils all requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). 

Individual traveller profiles are imported from Umbrella directly into external applications. Practical examples of this include:

  • visa application forms from Viselio
  • the web form for travel requests at a large corporate customer

Umbrella's Head of Development, Remo Räber, explains what it needs (there are minimal requirements) and how long it takes to activate such functionalities.

Remo, what exactly is our new Profile On Demand offer?
Take Viselio or the travel request as an example: The traveller, travel assistant or travel agent calls up the profile in the visa application or travel request. In doing so, they access Umbrella Faces directly and in real time. All profile data is then imported into the corresponding fields on the form.

Of course, only the data they have appropriate authorisation for is made available.

Remo, how does a profile-on-demand project with Umbrella work?
First, we have a phone call to clarify the requirements and define a dedicated contact person on the customer side.

Then the customer gets access to a test system and detailed documentation of our JSON interface.

Once the development is fully developed and tested, we still need to approve it. We make sure, among other things, that the connection does not affect the performance of our servers.

How long does the on-demand connection take?
That depends on how quickly the customer implements the connection to our JSON interface. The development itself needs just a few days, but sometimes it takes longer because of other priorities.

At Umbrella, we need about a day to accept and enable the connection.

Are there other use cases besides the visa applications and travel request cases?
Absolutely, there are already a number of other requests.

The applications described above are online forms. However, the concept can also be applied to entire booking platforms. We could also import profile-specific data into a CRM or similar application.

Would the operator of a booking platform retain the rights to the profile data?
Right, because the data always belongs to the customer. Umbrella is purely a processor.

Thank you!

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