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Umbrella Faces: growth and great new clients in the U.K., U.S., Germany and Netherlands

Umbrella Faces is growing quickly and steadily! Since the beginning of 2017, the number of profiles in our database has grown by an average of three per cent each week. By the end of the year, almost 1.5 million traveller profiles will be managed with Umbrella Faces.

We expect additional momentum thanks to a number of new customers who have chosen Umbrella Faces in recent weeks. We thank them for their trust and look very forward to working with the following well-known companies:


Thyssen Krupp’s travel management is run by an experienced business travel expert. For Hans Lehrburger, the flexibility gained through Umbrella Faces in working with many different TMC partners was decisive.


Clarity is a leading British TMC with headquarters in Manchester and a brokered travel volume of around £400 million. The team surrounding Sue Chapman and Ruth Nicholls is especially thrilled by Umbrella Faces’ extensive features that make travel agents’ work with profile information much easier.



Corporate Travel Management (UK), headquartered in London, is a very successful, rapidly growing subsidiary of the renowned TMC from Brisbane, Australia. Alex Cousins and the entire team have plenty of experience of managing travel profiles. They look forward to a quantum leap in profile management with Umbrella Faces.


The All Star Travel Group (ATG) with headquarters in New Albany, Ohio (USA) and reps in 68 countries is one of the world’s largest independent business travel providers. Torsten Krings and his team chose us because of the deep integration of Umbrella Faces with cytric and the interfaces to all major GDSs.


VCK Travel is a leading Dutch business travel agency with headquarters in Amsterdam and a number of branches throughout the country. The team under Barbara Pitt and Roos Vlaskamp chose Umbrella Faces after an extensive evaluation of available profile systems. The introduction of the tool and the resulting data cleansing will help to further optimise back office processes at VCK.





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