Corona Crisis - Making the best of it

Apr 14, 2020 4:44:19 PM

There is no doubt that the precautions against the Corona Virus (COVID-19) are affecting our lives in all directions by reducing our mobility, social interaction and resources that make a great deal of our daily activity. The measures taken have lead to an unforeseen impact on the economic situation of many companies revealing global dependencies. What will a travel world look like with all the learnings from this crisis? One question we need an answer for, is how to survive this crisis and prepare for the future.

So, how can we make the best of it, besides just surviving?

One thing is for sure. Keeping calm and acting according to the situation is a prime element of conduct in these weeks. The travel business, as we know it, is slowing down or even coming to a full stop. Nonetheless, with companies sending us requests for demos these days, we see that there is a need to prepare for these challenges and evaluate technical solutions.

The reality is, that a crisis like this reveals the inefficiencies of workflows in business operations, most of which might already have been identified earlier, but which never were solved due to a massive daily workload. Most likely, many managers wish to have been more prepared for the Corona Crisis. Now is a chance to identify and tackle inefficiencies and implement solutions that make your business more resilient and agile in the future.

Operational questions to answer

  • Is there potential for further automation?
  • What are the primary sources of error in your operations?
  • Where do you have double work?
  • What is your strategy with regards to market adoption? (After all, the world will look different after this crisis)
  • What are your dependencies?
  • Can you manage diversification?
  • What are your capabilities with regards to crisis management?
  • What jobs would you like to manage remotely?
  • How can you assure stable operations in times of crisis?
  • and many more

How does MIDOCO Mid-office support you becoming crisis-proof?

Our software delivers answers to the questions above. We are aware that changing operations is a time consuming and tricky thing. Nonetheless, it is inevitable to face this challenge one day to stay competitive. Diversification and and lean operations play a significant role in this game.

  • MIDOCO is source agnostic enabling an open system landscape.
  • MIDOCO automates workflows, creating more efficient operations.
  • MIDOCO's automation capabilities eliminate sources of error.
  • MIDOCO's flexible architecture allows managing various business models.
  • MIDOCO is accessible remotely and even allows to access single organisational units in decentralised organisations.
  • MIDOCO's broad functionality and communication portfolio enables you to adapt to changing environments.

At MIDOCO we regularly analyse our organisation to identify the resources that are set free and allocate them to work on issues that support us to adapt and stay future proof. Besides increasing automation, this includes identifying opportunities to assist clients and partners. MIDOCO is a travel ERP software. Providing solutions for the travel industry for many years, we understand the needs and issues of travel organisations may it be TMCs, OTAs, tour operators or leisure travel agencies.

MIDOCO can support the voucher solution passed by the Germany government, as well as creating specific corona reports and allowing central access to MIDOCO units of closed travel agency shops.

Moreover, we have set up our organisation to be able to work remotely and by applying infrastructure that allows us to keep on going, even though we may have to do this from home. The same way video conferencing helps us and many others communicating with each other, automation software can help to ensure stable operations without having to show presence in an office.

Get in touch with us. We are all in this together.

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